Bearing system “BarOn”, the system of requesting cargo car

With just a few clicks, you can specify your origin and destination, and ask for your own car, including the engine, pickup truck, Nissan Bar, truck, and, in general, all the inland utility vehicles, and charge your load in the shortest time. And deliver the best possible price..

An application for an extraordinary freight car!

bike delivery :
You can use up to 50 kilograms of pick-ups for your orders. Fast forwarding for small items is supported by this service. The city motorized courier is ready to move your checkpoints.
Pick up and Nissan Bar:
Displacement up to 1 ton (pickup truck) and up to 2.5 tons (Nissan Bar) are moved by these two services. Furniture, home furnishings, hardware, service of wood, furniture and any device that is up to the ceiling of the specified weight and volume is removable by the two services.
Roof, non-roof and refrigerated are all kinds of services that you can request.
The largest in-city relocation service is this service. If you need to move any item up to 5 tons, trucks are at your service. The ability to move a variety of high-volume devices in a single download, such as home furnishing, is one of the benefits of this service.

Which service do you need to carry? We are waiting!

privacy policy

1 The terms used in these Terms and Conditions have the following meanings:
2 Customers: People who log in to the system for the purpose of transporting a freight or freight from one source to the destination and intending to carry it out.
3 Shipper: Persons who are registered in the system for the transportation of cargo or cargo and intend to carry out shipment within the system.
4 Users: Carriers and freight forwarders
5 User Account: An account that people create to load their system in the software.
6 Credit: The amount charged to users on their account to use the service.
7 Company: BarOn Provider
8 System: An application provided by the company for carrying out transportation services
9 To use the app, it’s only necessary for everyone to create their own unique account. Only people over 18 years of age and eligible for legal entitlement can make a paycheck, and the user must enter his name, surname, email address, and mobile number in the application.
10 Users agree that the information they require is fully updated on the system.
11 Each person can only have one user account as a user.
12 By registering to accept that they have read and accepted the laws and regulations of the Bar, they may change over time, so the use of users who use it continuously means accepting any change. It’s in the rules and regulations.
13 All legal and legal responsibility for the order and delivery of the load is at the discretion of the ordering party, which is the owner of the load.
14 The cargo ordered for carriage should not contain any legal and legal grounds, including goods, smuggled goods, hazardous and explosive materials, harmful substances for the environment and human beings, alcoholic beverages, narcotics and any kind of goods that are in contravention of the laws governing the republican system. Islamic Iran.
15 If there is a need for special attention or the creation of special conditions during shipment, for goods or loaded goods, the user should inform the company fully of the details of how to carry it.
16 The company does not have any liability for the legal prohibitions and the recording of the load or ordered goods, and in the event of a legal or legal problem or security, all liability for the load or goods ordered for carriage is the responsibility of the owner or the contractor and the damage caused It is his responsibility.
17 The responsibility for all activities carried out through the user account of the user or other services related to the load is to the user.
18 It is the responsibility of the user to maintain the security of the account information, including the username and password.
19th The user is not entitled to allow other natural and legal persons to use their account or transfer their account to another person or company.
20 The user must fully authenticate to use the service at the time of delivery to the driver, otherwise the company may block its account and refuse to provide the service to the user.
21 The user is obliged to inform the driver of the load before the load is delivered.
22 The user should not use any inaccurate, inappropriate, intentional or inadvertent use of the service resulting in damage to the load or other components related to it.
23 It may be possible to use texting as a way of communication with the company. The user may request that the messages be disconnected, but may refuse to use these services by opting out of receiving these messages.
24 It is the responsibility of the user to provide the Internet and the necessary equipment, as well as the costs associated with them for using the load service.
25 Upon termination of the use of the services in each service, the user shall not use any part of the information that has been obtained from the use of the load service from customers or drivers. Naturally, storing information of customers or drivers on mobile or in any other way would be contrary to the rules of the bar, and the user’s use of this information during the work should be in accordance with the community and laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran.
26 The user is committed to observe all Islamic, religious, ethical and social laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran.
27 The user accepts that this is not a transportation service, but is just a software service that provides communication between customers and drivers in order to agree on the movement of the cargo. At the service, the driver is free to accept or reject a shipping request, it is also possible for the passenger to make a carriage request after sending the driver’s request for shipment and identification, and before starting the driver’s departure to the point of departure. Therefore, any service performed by the user or the loader, with the driver, is considered as an independent contract between the driver and the user (the load owner).
28 The service may be provided in partnership with other companies that do not have control over them. In such circumstances, the user accepts that these services, their usage rules and regulations are specific to them without any liability for the laws and services of these companies.
29 The user accepts that it is not possible to refund the costs the user pays for it.
30 The user accepts that the cost of the service is determined on the basis of the charge, and after using it, there will be no objection to the cost of the service.

31 Payment for the service can only be made through the procedures specified by the payer. These methods include paying a loan from the mobile application, paying for the internet and paying the driver
32 The user accepts that the service cost may vary depending on the features of the service provided, such as service type, service time, type of load or other factors.
33 The user is never allowed to send it on demand, unless it intends to use the service. The user or the loader, if after canceling a request after a request for carriage and acceptance of an application by a driver, does not arrive at specified time at the specified location as the origin of the service, and the driver if after acceptance A request for shipment, cancel the request or refuse to accept the application at the specified location as the source of the shipping service; the company may, due to non-observance of the provisions of the bill, which will cause damage to its reputation and validity, The cost of self-diagnosis, as a fine, is deducted from their credit or from users.
34 By using its own monitoring, BarOn tries to provide users with quality services.
35 If any user encounters any problems while using their services, they will be able to comply with the above conditions; they will file their complaint through the customer service units and, if necessary, follow up on the resolution of the disputes.
36 The responsibility of all actions and verbs of users ordering drivers and drivers, which results from non-compliance with the Islamic Republic of Iran’s laws, including the Islamic Penal Code and civil laws, is the responsibility of the offender and does not assume any responsibility for the actions and The above verbs do not have and will not.
37 The user is not allowed to do any activity in order to obtain unauthorized access to any part of the service or the related services.
38 The user is not permitted to run a program or script for the purpose of indexing, studying, or any data mining activity on the service.
39 The user is not permitted to use another FRAMING or MIRRORING or other methods to provide another version of its load service on other servers, and the user is not permitted to modify or disrupt the software in the load or in the manner of providing the service.
40 The user is not allowed to do any effort to extract the source code (SOURC CODE) of the load software, including reverse engineering decompile or similar activities.
41 By subscribing to the Service, the user declares his intention and will to accept any legal action, including contracts and transactions, through the computer and electronic system.
42 Any failure to observe the laws or to abusive or inappropriate use of the rules and services is prohibited by law, and the consequences of this abuse or neglect are the responsibility of the user and the user shall compensate for all damages resulting from these verbs.


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